Having trouble with storing and organizing media files on your computer?

Today, in the age of digitalization, we have countless media files, both as businesses or organizations and as individuals. This leaves us with the seemingly simple but actually complex problem of storing files.

When we store the files on our computer, we generally have storage space problems, and have to buy external memory in addition. Also, we mostly does not exactly know where our files are and so cannot easily find them when needed. It is almost as if we put every single file we recorded on an unknown shelf to be dusted there. When our computers and memories break down, we lose all our memories and even corporate data forever.



Managing your media files is easier and safer than ever before

We solve the problem of keeping files as organized with our media archive software called MEDAR, which we have equipped with artificial intelligence-supported features. You can archive and easily manage both your corporate and individual media files thanks to the MEDAR.

  • Your data is on your own server or in the cloud

    At MEDAR, you store your data on your own servers or in the cloud services we provide, according to your preference. In particular, public institutions and companies store their data on their own servers to keep their corporate information within the instution or company and so to ensure data security.

  • An organized archive is not a dream

    You tag your media files while uploading them to the system with the tag types you would create in line with your own needs, such as person, event, place, time. Thus, you can organize your files while they are uploading and can effortlessly find them later.

  • Let AI do the chores

    The people in the photos you upload to MEDAR are instantly recognized and tagged, and the conversations in the videos are automatically transcribed thanks to artificial intelligence. Also, the owners of the sounds in the videos are recognized and tagged according to the speaker. So you save the time you spend on tedious processes.

  • Finding files is a breeze

    With MEDAR's advanced search and dynamic folder features, you can find your files in seconds. You can search files by file name or tags. If you don't remember them, thanks to dynamic folders, some details you remember about the file (where the photo was taken, who is in the photo) are enough to find your files.

The features and benefits of MEDAR are not limited to these. You can get more information about MEDAR by visiting our website.