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We share our experience and expertise through our products. Meet with our products that you can use both individually and in your organizations to add value to your works or just to have fun.

AIRHOC - Air Hockey Game - Turna


  • Start: December 2021
  • Release: January 2022
  • Product: Air Hockey Mobile Game

AIRHOC, our mobile air hockey game for players of all ages, brings the fun of the classic air hockey game to your phone

In the game, there are both a single player mode against artificial intelligence with three different difficulty levels, and a two player mode that two people can play against each other on the same screen. To increase the fun factor, there are many additional features such as the option to play against time, additional power-ups, different themes and rich in-game market content.

This simple and fun game does not require an internet connection to play and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store ve AppStore

Medar - Media Archive Software - Turna

Medar - Media Archive Software

  • Start: 2018
  • Release: 2019
  • Product: Digital Asset Management - Media Asset Management System (DAM - MAM)

Many institutions prefer MEDAR, which we have developed as a digital asset management (DAM) system to archive and manage their media assets.

You can easily store and organize your media files thanks to MEDAR's features such as artificial intelligence supported automatic face and voice recognition, audio-to-text transcription, tagging, format and resolution conversion, and deduplication. With its advanced search features, you can find the media you need in seconds, even if you don't remember the names of the files.

Storing files in Medar is as safe as it is easy. The files are stored on the institutions' own servers, if desired, in the cloud environment. When the files are stored on the institution's servers, data security is also ensured since the data will be kept within the institution.

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Diego - Online Study Coach - Turna

Diego - Digital Study Coach

  • Start: 2020
  • Release: 2021
  • Product: Study Coach Mobile Application

Thanks to Diego, a free study coaching application, studying process becomes easier for both students and teachers.

Students study more efficiently with Diego. They solve questions from many books available on the market through the application and get instant results. They become aware of their own situation and the subjects they missed with historical statistics. Thus, they shape their studies accordingly. Also, they can follow their friends with their permissions. As their friends study, they get notifications and so they can be motivated to study as well.

Teachers easily assign homework to their students and control them through the applications with Diego Teacher. They see the subjects that are not understood in the classroom thanks to homework statistics. They follow the studying status of their students and guide them where necessary.

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